04.09.2013 - SkyTower Open Doors

SkyTower Open Doors

SkyTower Bucharest, the highest office building in Romania (137 meters high and 37 floors), started a series of Open Doors events in August that take place every Thursday and Friday between 17:00 and 21:00 at the 34th floor.

On Fridays, SkyTower Open Doors event is dedicated to the general public who can enjoy the unique 360° view over Bucharest through the 6 precision spotting scopes, relax while playing ping-pong and table top football, or just watch the urban photo exhibition called “film versus digital”.

On Thursday evenings, the Open Doors are dedicated to the corporate employees. For them, the floor has also been equipped with Wii Sport Resorts, playstation video games and remote control cars.
Since the launching of the events series, SkyTower has welcomed each week around 1.500 visitors and we expect an increase of visits during September.

For more information on SkyTower Bucharest, please visit the website www.skytower.ro or follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/BucharestSkyTower