02.10.2018 – Vienna, Anton-Kuh-Weg 5

All apartments already sold before completion!

Vienna, Anton-Kuh-Weg 5

As property developer, Raiffeisen Property Holding International GmbH (RPHI) is pleased to announce that the apartments have all been sold before completion.

The apartments will be completed and the expected hand over date to their new owners is this December. A great Christmas present for all involved!

The residential building marks the first stage of the development scheme for the former slaughterhouse grounds; the allocation procedures for the remaining areas are currently underway. In the coming years, additional residential buildings, offices and small businesses located around the listed Marx Halle will make this a highly attractive neighbourhood and the value of the newly completed apartments will soar. Abundant green areas are already guaranteed thanks to the protected “Erdberger Stadtwildnis” situated on the north-western side of the property.

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