RPHI develops for Raiffeisen Bank International AG, as well as its other customers different types of real estate in Central and Eastern Europe. We secure sites with excellent infrastructure at our own risk for our customers and turn them into highly profitable first-class properties.

We offer an all-inclusive development package or – depending on the clients’ needs and requirements – individual modules thereof, from the project idea and conception to construction management and utilization of the property.

We ...

- initiate projects, wherever:

  • an idea seeks a location and capital
  • a location seeks capital and an idea
  • capital seeks a location and an idea

- vibrant, efficient, sustainable and “living properties”
in the right location, instead of just lifeless concrete shells. Our properties are attractive also for the next generation.

- evaluate feasibility, calculate and analyze:
costs, market, competition, location, utilization, risk and financial return

- manage, control, conceptualize and, plan and control projects:

  • acquire and secure the right property
  • guarantee quality, timing and costs
  • market, lease, support, sell and manage our projects
  • are versatile and results-oriented: Our team includes architects, planners, building engineers, project managers, lawyers, tax experts and other professionals.
  • understand what it takes to be successful, which makes the difference when it comes to practical implementation.

- highest level of quality standards:

  • Our clients receive top-quality services tailored to their needs and requirements. Thus, we want to ensure a long-term profitability of investments right from the start.