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Important legal information

By accessing and/or using the information, services, links, functions, applications or programs of this website (hereinafter collectively "website"), the user accepts the following conditions:

The contents of this website and its sub-pages are protected by copyright. Downloading or saving applications or programs being part of the website as well as the (full or partial) reproduction, transmission, modification or linking of contents of the website are permitted only with the express and written consent of Raiffeisen Property International GmbH.

It is permitted, however, to print, download or save individual pages or parts of this website provided this is done in compliance with the provisions of the Austrian Copyright Act and on the condition that copyright notices and reservations of rights or other designations protected by law are neither removed nor changed.

The contents of this website are provided exclusively for the purpose of information and do not represent an offer, neither under Austrian law nor under the law of any other jurisdiction.

Raiffeisen Property International GmbH exercises the utmost care in researching the information published on its website as well as in selecting the sources of information used. Nonetheless, Raiffeisen Property International GmbH cannot assume any liability for the correctness, completeness, up-to-dateness or continuing availability of the information and/or sources of information provided on its website.

With the exception of cases governed by § 17 of the Austrian E-Commerce Act, Raiffeisen Property International GmbH does not assume any liability for the contents of the websites or URLs of other operators linked to the website. Likewise, Raiffeisen Property International GmbH shall not be liable for the continuing availability or full functionality of links to the websites or URLs of other operators.

Raiffeisen Property International GmbH shall not be liable in any case for losses or damages of any kind whatsoever (including consequential or indirect damage or profit foregone) that might arise through or in connection with access to the website, accessing, using or retrieving its contents or from the links to websites or URLs of other operators provided on the website. This shall also apply if Raiffeisen Raiffeisen Property International GmbH has been alerted to the possibility of such damages.Raiffeisen Property International GmbH shall moreover not be liable for technical disruptions including but not limited to server failure, disruption or failure of telecommunication lines etc., which may result in a (temporary) non-availability of the website in its entirety or of parts of it.

Raiffeisen Property International GmbH reserves the right to change the website at any time (if necessary, even without prior announcement), i.e. specifically to change or remove existing contents (fully or in part) or to add new contents.Please also note general information disclosed pursuant to § 5 of the E-Commerce Act