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Hotel space

Außenansicht Radisson Blu Hotel, Kiev

Radisson Blu Hotel

  • Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Hotel building (255 rooms)
  • 22,500 m²
  • Completion: 2005, Renovation: 2019


Radisson Blu Hotel is the winner at the Eastern European Real Estate Awards 2019

After a full renovation the Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv City Centre (owner RPHI) has won the award in the category “B2B Interior of the year” at the prestigious Eastern European Real Estate Awards 2019.

The announcement was made on 26 November at a Gala Awards ceremony, held in the center of Kyiv and attended by more than 200 real estate professional developers, bankers, investors and policy makers from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Recently the upper upscale hotel has presented its exceptional new look. The 254 rooms, the conference area, the lobby and the large lounge bar were fully renovated. Stylish design combines the highest technical standards, a timeless interior, a historic atmosphere and comfortable zoning answering the needs of modern business and leisure travelers.

Radisson Blu creates memorable experiences and pays close attention to the small details to make everyone feel the difference. The renovation phase took place alongside running operations, which was a challenging but successful process.

Karl-Maria Pfeffer, CEO of RPHI says: “Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv City Centre being the first international hotel brand that started its operation in Kyiv in 2005 and this is truly an important achievement for us and a great recognition for the hotel. It is also a tribute to our entire team who work so hard to ensure that guests are proud that they have chosen the right place to stay.”


RPHI Ukraine celebrates the reopening of its own Radisson Blu Hotel in Kyiv

RPHI, the Raiffeisen Bank International property competence centre, has been active in the Ukraine for more than 20 years. 10 years ago, they opened their own office in Kyiv, which manages around 600 units in the most varied of asset classes (residential, retail, office, hotel).

RPHI is particularly pleased that they can complete a special project in the Ukrainian capital together with hotel chain Radisson on this anniversary: after a 2-year renovation phase alongside running operations, on 1 October, the reopening party took place in the Radisson Blu, in close proximity to the Golden Gate, one of the most traditional hotels in Kyiv.

The 255 rooms (including 1 presidential suite and 22 other suites), the 413 m² conference area, the lobby and the large lounge bar were completely renovated. The design harmoniously combines the highest technical standards, a timeless interior and a historic atmosphere.

At RPHI, everyone is very happy with the project. “We are pleased that we can allow this landmark hotel to shine with a new look,” says Karl-Maria Pfeffer, CEO of RPHI. And continues: “We are not just putting the performance of our company in the Ukraine with its many specialists to the test by realising this hotel, at the same time, we are also showing that we are a reliable partner.”

Completely in line with a 360-degree service provider, RPHI in the Ukraine also offers services for third parties in the areas of asset management, facility management and development. “We see ourselves as specialised generalists,” says Karl-Maria Pfeffer.


Time Lapse Renovation

Re-Opening party

Radisson Blu hotel presents renovated rooms

Radisson Blu Hotel Kyiv, developed and owned by RPHI, presented extensively renovated rooms on two floors. On the 12th year of the operation on Kiev market, this is the first stage of planned renovation of the entire Hotel.

New rooms design was developed by Lundwall Architects – a well-known Nordic design bureau which adapts Nordic design traditions to compliment the unique and original setting. New rooms of the Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv, are a combination of simplicity, minimalism and functionality that can easily fit to the tastes of the Hotel’s multinational mix of guests.

The renovation process covered everything, from wall coatings to furniture and lamps. Some of the rooms got a completely new space zoning. The combination of different materials and colours like grey and violet creates unique atmosphere in the rooms. Industrial elements and forms are gracefully combined with natural wooden elements and textile, completing the ambiance by adding a lot of mirrors, glass surfaces and lamps.

Special attention is paid to functionality of guest rooms with a dedicated working zone and gadget plugins fixed near the bed in Standard rooms, separate working tables, welcoming lounge area in Junior Suites and a spacious living room with a comfortable sofa, round table and a bar counter in Executive Suites.

“When we entered the market back in 2005, we were the first international hotel chain which started its operation in Kyiv. Our rooms were presented in three design schemes – Maritime, Scandinavian and Italian. Some of our guests still stay with us and choose their favourite rooms as per design scheme. But nothing stays as it was. Our guests change and we need to correspond to the evolution of guest’s lifestyles. Behaviour and expectations form a room of the Hotel”, said Jesper Henriksen, General Manager of Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv, and City Director.

The renovation of the rooms goes in line with the global Radisson Hotel Group strategy to provide guests with world-class experiences at all levels.

Earlier, in spring 2017 the hotel had the conference area fully renovated offering the Ukrainian market a brand new meetings and events venue with the latest audio and visual equipment, sophisticated design suitable both for high level conferences and wedding parties.

For reservations and more information visit


Radisson Blu Hotel presents new room style

Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv, presents a totally new "BluPrint" room style. It was brought to life in May 2017.  All rooms will be created in BluPrint style – a long awaited break from the normal hotel monotone. Bright colors, unusual shapes and textures are combined in iconic, stylish and sophisticated design, where every object is a feature.

The new conference area opened its doors on March 20th. Located in the very city center of Ukrainian capital, the hotel offers 203 m2 of meeting venue with the latest technical equipment and sophisticated design. Four smart board rooms, sparkling pre-function and beautiful ballroom perfectly fit big official forums as well as stylish banquets and weddings. Recently Radisson Blu Hotel was hosting a conference of the Austrian Embassy in its brand new meeting spaces.

Kiev Media Week hosted by SAS Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu Hotel Kyiv, developed and owned by RPHI, is proud of having hosted KIEV MEDIA WEEK for the third time in a row, which has taken place on September 10 - 13, 2013.

This is the exclusive project for media market and the only of a kind in Central and Eastern Europe. It is a range of events for top players of TV, movie, new media and other media businesses that give opportunities to meet colleagues and network in both formal and informal atmosphere, to tie up beneficial contracts and to learn about current trends of the international media business.

Office space

RK60, Budapest
© @ATP architekten ingenieure


  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Office building
  • 17,500 m²
  • Under development


RPHI obtains building permit for its RK60 project

A new office building with highest quality standards in the heart of Budapest

The RK60 office building will be located in Pest close to Árpád Göncz City Centre metro station and was designed with the highest possible quality standards in mind. The central location in combination with modern, environmentally conscious and smart solutions will deliver an exceptional working experience. Appealing exceptional state of the art design will complete the attractiveness of RK60.

The RK60 can suit companies looking for large open office spaces with community areas, as well as companies looking for more closed private space solutions. Later on, flexible extension possibilities will be available within RK60s total lettable area of 14,500 sqm and its almost 300 parking places.

“We are looking forward to extending our portfolio in Hungary with this new office project. As within our standard RPHI approach, we also have carefully considered sustainability and environmental principles. Simultaneously to obtaining the building permit we have already started to discuss with our first tenants layout options for the ground floor”, states Mr. Karl-Maria Pfeffer, CEO of RPHI.

The building will feature terraces on its first floor and on the rooftop, available for all its tenants. Additionally, a huge garden will complete RK60’s open-air options for everybody working at or visiting the building.

Environmental conscious design

RK60 will be using smart, environmentally conscious solutions. State of the art systems target to optimize the environmental footprint of the building. Solar panels will help to optimize energy supply, an energy-efficient HVAC equipment will minimize energy consumption. With real time temperature monitoring optimal working conditions will be achieved inside the building. The heating system will combine chilled beams (ceiling) and floor convectors (raised floor). The chilled beams system will offer a comfortable cooling. The building has already been pre-certified with LEED GOLD.

More information about the project can be found under

External view SkyTower


  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Office building
  • 50,400 m²
  • Completion: 2012


SkyTower community donated their Easter presents to help fight against coronavirus

On behalf of all its tenants, SkyTower has donated the equivalent of 15.575 protection masks to “Asociatia Daruieste Viata” (The Gift of Life Association), the main Romanian NGO that fights against Covid-19, supplying medical equipment and building a modular hospital.

The donation represents the Easter presents that all community members would have received from SkyTower, under normal circumstances. As the majority of our tenants are teleworking, they received a virtual greeting card and the information, that the donation was made on their behalf.

The feedback we got was amazing:

“We have received your message with great joy. A delight! I am glad that together we are taking small steps for the ‘better’.” – TSG

“Wow, thank you so much! It’s a very beautiful gesture.” – Esilicon

“Thank you, a very cool initiative – congratulations!” – AdsWizz

Through this donation in these very special times all members of SkyTower community are contributing to our global fight, by donating life.

SkyTower Football Cup and photo-competition “Vision of Sky”

SkyTower Cup, the annual football competition organized by RPHI Romania dedicated to its tenants took place on November 14th. Each of the 16 participating teams was playing for another charitable company, such as the “Little People Association” and the “Seeding Knowledge Foundation”. Karl Maria-Pfeffer, CEO of RPHI Group handed over the vouchers to the winning teams, who are supporting the charity projects with a total of EUR 2.200.

On the same day the award ceremony for the photo competition “Vision of Sky” was happening in the lobby of SkyTower. A selection of the submitted pictures was shown in a pop-up exhibition, which drew the interest of many visitors. There were 2 categories of pictures: view from the roof top terrace of SkyTower and view of SkyTower from any point of the city. The result were truly amazing pictures with lots of creativity of the tenants. The happy winners of the competition were handed over gift vouchers of a photo equipment company located in Bucharest.

The event

NOR – Sky Casual Restaurant is newest tenant

The newest tenant of the SkyTower Building is the NOR – Sky Casual Restaurant occupying the entire 36th floor (1,011 m²) of the building.

With a warm, welcoming colour design and unique custom-made furniture built at a maximum height of 86 centimetres so that no part of the view is obstructed, the NOR is uniquely located at  over 130 metres above ground offering its clientele a spectacular 270 degrees panoramic view over the city of Bucharest. With a seating capacity of 200, the NOR- Sky Casual Restaurant offers its clientele 36 contemporary recipes of international cuisine.

Oracle Romania extended lease contract

Oracle Romania has extended their lease contract until July 2024. The local branch of the US IT giant moved in March 2015 and occupies 10,400 sqm (23rd - 31st floor) of Class A office spaces. Oracle completes the perfect tenant mix. Tenants like Raiffeisen Bank, 1&1 Internet Development, Tinmar Ind, Amadeus, PeliFilip, Bomax Group, Symantec, Proiect Bucuresti, cover a wide range of businesses, from banking to IT&C, architecture and energy. Sky Tower building is the tallest office Tower in Romania and a well-known landmark on Bucharests Skyline.

Embassy of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) is new tenant

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) relocates to a new headquarters effective July 2016. It will occupy the entire 33rd floor of SkyTower, namely a space of 1,158 square meters, which was completely adapted to the requirements of the Embassy. The lease agreement was signed for a period of 5 years.

"We have made this decision because our relocation to SkyTower brings a range of facilities that ensure a high degree of operational efficiency and an enhanced level of comfort for embassy staff. We are delighted that the new headquarters of the Embassy will be on the 33rd floor of the most modern office building in the capital and we are content to remain in the north of the city", declared Kim Eun-Joong, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Romania.

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea thus becomes the 23rd tenant of SkyTower, along with companies from various industries, such as banking, IT&C, architecture and energy sectors. With its newest tenant, the building’s occupancy rate will reach 96%, with average 5-year lease terms.

APS Romania expands headquarters in SkyTower

APS Romania sets to expand its headquarters in SkyTower, the tallest building in the country and Bucharest’s newest landmark, by leasing half of the 32nd floor. With a lease contract valid until July, 2020, APS Romania already holds a lease in the building for floors 11 and 12, where over 180 employees develop the local operations of the company.

“We have already been present in the building for two years and the obvious choice for our expansion was SkyTower, a building just as technically impressive as comfortable. Moreover, the flexibility of the owner streamlined the entire process and ensured our effortless transition,” said Victor Angelescu, APS Romania General Manager.

The innovative shape and the unique equipment ensure, besides cost efficiency, a comfortable, flexible and safe working environment.

“APS Romania’s choice to expand their office space in SkyTower is proof of their satisfaction with the services provided. We are pleased with their choice and we will continue to offer the best to our tenants”, stated Karl-Maria Pfeffer, CEO of the RPHI Group.

With a height of 137 meters and 37 floors, SkyTower meets both the highest aesthetic and technical standards to create the perfect modern office building. Currently, there are more than 3,000 employees from 22 different companies working in SkyTower.

The third edition of SKYRUN

The Romanian Team of RPHI organized the third edition of SKYRUN on 23rd of January 2016. With a record number of participants this year, more than 800 runners took part at the biggest tower-running event in Romania which was again a great success. Munteanu Florin defended his title for the third time in a row, with a time of exactly 3 minutes, which he needed to reach the 34th floor, after climbing 680 steps.

The organizers are very happy to donate again EUR 20.000 to charitable organizations. This year HOSPICE, Mia’s Children, World Vision and Mai Mult Verde were supported in their charitable activities.

Oracle Romania is newest tenant

SkyTower is delighted to welcome its newest tenant, Oracle Romania, the local branch of the US IT giant. The company leased 9 floors (over 10,400 square meters) in SkyTower, representing so far the largest lease transaction in Romania in 2015. The lease term signed is for at least five years. Approximately 1,000 Oracle employees will occupy floors 23rd to 31st, starting as soon as early May this year, which pushes the occupancy rate of SkyTower to well over 80%.

Oracle joins tenants like Raiffeisen Bank, 1&1 Internet Development, Tinmar Ind, Amadeus, PeliFilip, Bomax Group, Symantec, Proiect Bucuresti, covering a wide range of businesses, from banking to IT&C, architecture and energy. SkyTower building is the tallest office tower in Romania, the premium location with Class A spaces and the landmark on Bucharests skyline.

SKYRUN in the highest building of Romania

RPHI organized the first edition of SKYRUN on 7th of December 2013. 650 runners aged between 18 and 60 years took part at the biggest tower-running event in Romania which was a great success. Supporters and media people cheered for the participants, who had to climb 680 stairs (119 m altitude difference) starting from the ground floor to reach the finish line in the 34th floor. Individual electronic chips were used for time measuring, the fastest runner finished in 2 minutes and 55 seconds.

The event promoted the importance of a healthy balanced lifestyle and has been dedicated to the activity of the non-governmental charity organization “HOSPICE Casa Sperantei”. HOSPICE provides palliative care services for terminally ill persons and supports the services at a national level through educational programs. The organizers are very happy to donate EUR 20.000 to HOSPICE  for the completion of a palliative care center in Bucharest raised through the SKYRUN-event.

Opening of Spanish Restaurant “Entre Aromas”

On October 21st , the Spanish restaurant “Entre Aromas” has opened. Designed to render a piece of Spain in Bucharest, with a spectacular backdrop inspired by Gaudi, the restaurant provides SkyTower employees and visitors a menu tailored to their needs for different times of day.

With a capacity of 100 seats located on three levels, “Entre Aromas” has three distinct areas: the morning bistro, a restaurant buffet lunch and an à la carte restaurant for the evening. SkyTower employees and visitors are able to enjoy a wide variety of coffees, pastries and other breakfast snacks, a quick affordable buffet lunch and a refined menu based on seafood and gourmet Spanish specialties for dinner.

"Open Doors" at the SkyTower

SkyTower Bucharest, the highest office building in Romania (137 meters high and 37 floors), started a series of Open Doors events in August that take place every Thursday and Friday between 17:00 and 21:00 at the 34th floor.

On Fridays, SkyTower Open Doors event is dedicated to the general public who can enjoy the unique 360° view over Bucharest through the 6 precision spotting scopes, relax while playing ping-pong and table top football, or just watch the urban photo exhibition called “film versus digital”.

On Thursday evenings, the Open Doors are dedicated to the corporate employees. For them, the floor has also been equipped with Wii Sport Resorts, playstation video games and remote control cars. Since the launching of the events series, SkyTower has welcomed each week around 1.500 visitors and we expect an increase of visits during September.

Completion of the SkyTower Bucharest

The SkyTower Bucharest has been completed in December 2012. The public authorities have approved the new building in the middle of the month. So the Raffeisen Bank Romania could already move into 6 floors.

SkyTower celebrates the topping-out

After a record building time of only 13 months, the SkyTower in the Romanian capital Bucharest celebrated its completion: With the concreting of the 36th floor, the SkyTower has been topped-out. A few weeks ago, the directly connected FCC office building was topped-out as well.

The topping-out ceremony on 28th of June 2012 was organized by Raiffeisen Property Holding International (RPHI) as the owner of both buildings, Raiffeisen evolution as the general contractor and the concerned construction company Strabag, responsible for both projects.

As part of the topping-out ceremony, Carl Rossey (Raiffeisenbank Romania, Vice President Operations & IT Division), Dieter Hoffmann (RPHI, Head of Project Development & Technics), Gerald Beck (Raiffeisen Evolution, Managing Director) and Gerhard Schinnerl (Strabag, Managing Director) thanked the project team for the first-class execution. The outstanding performance of Strabag – and especially its workers – was also praised, the construction grew in record time by one floor per week.

A new headquarter for Raiffeisen Bank Romania

Reaching a total height of 137 m, the SkyTower, which was acquired by Raiffeisen Property Holding International (RPHI) in 2011 will be the tallest building in Bucharest. The construction of the 37-floors building, which will set new standards - both architecturally and technically, should be completed by the end of 2012. The FCC office building and six floors of the SkyTower were leased to Raiffeisen Bank Romania, which will set up its new head office there.

SkyTower reaches 100 meter mark

The Construction on Bucharest’s new landmark, the SkyTower, has been going on steadily. At the end of May, the building, which will be completed by the end of 2012, has reached a height of 100 meters.

Construction was begun in May 2011 and carried out speedily and effectively, so that as of late an average of one floor per week was built. The SkyTower, which was acquired by Raiffeisen Property Holding International (RPHI) last year, will reach a total height of 137 m and comprise 37 floors. The smaller office building Floreasca City Centre (FCC) with its six floors, also acquired by RPHI last year, is directly connected to the SkyTower. The topping-out party was celebrated at the end of April.

The entire FCC office building, as well as seven floors of the tower will be occupied by Raiffeisen Bank Romania while all remaining floors will be leased by RPHI. “The interest in the SkyTower is huge, particularly because it is suitable for the presentation of your own company like no other building. Compared to the pace of construction there is also great interest in the spaces still available for rental”, quoted Gabriele Deffner, Head of Marketing and Asset Management for RPHI. The Manager is currently in talks with companies from the IT, consulting and luxury goods industry about the lease of 20,000 m² of office space.

High-speed elevators and a glass curtain façade

The SkyTower not only sets architectural standards, but also standards in terms of building techniques. High-speed elevators serve the upper floors. A glass curtain façade made in Germany ensures, on the one hand, an increased supply of natural light and reduces heat on the other. The top two floors are occupied by the SkyBar, a restaurant with a panoramic view over Bucharest, as well as a modern conference center. The garage under the SkyTower offers 518 parking spaces.

Facts & Figures SkyTower
137 m high office tower
Property owner: Raiffeisen Property Holding International (RPHI)
General contractor: Raiffeisen evolution
Completion: Late 2012
Unit spaces from 290 m², 518 parking spaces (underground parking garage)

Facts & Figures FCC Office
Six-storey office building
Property owner: Raiffeisen Property Holding International (RPHI)
General contractor: Raiffeisen evolution
Tenant: Raiffeisen Bank Romania

RPI takes over SkyTower in Bucharest

Raiffeisen Property International acquired the Sky Tower in Bukarest. The sale was completed by Raiffeisen evolution, a general contractor in the north-eastern part of the Romanian capital.

The Sky Tower is part of a major project, which includes a 7 floor-office building – the Floreasca Office – and the Promenada Shopping Center. On 21st of November, Raiffeisen evolution completed the sale of the Sky Tower to Raiffeisen Property Holding International. With over 137m it is the highest building in Bucharest. The Romanian affiliate of RBI, Raiffeisen Bank S.A., will set up its new head-office there.

Raiffeisen Bank International: A visible sign of trust and security in CEE markets

At the beginning of 2013, after the completion of the construction works, Raiffeisen Bank S.A. shall relocate to SkyTower, where it will occupy floors 2 to 7, and in Floreasca Office, the 7-floors building located in the immediate vicinity of the tower.

“Romania is and remains for us a very important market in the area of Central and Eastern Europe, a market that continues to offer a great potential. The planned relocation to SkyTower is one more step in proving this trust“ stated Herbert Stepic, Chairman of the RBI Board, related to this event.

Excellent location, strong architecture – elements granting the success

Markus Neurauter, spokesperson for the Executive Management of Raiffeisen evolution states on his side: „This project was initially designed for investors, but after the change of the boundary conditions – namely the decision of Raiffeisen Bank in Romania to have a new headquarter – it developed into a  service contract.“

Steven van Groningen, CEO of Raiffeisen Bank S.A., added: ”The offer of attractive office spaces, that comply with our requirements, is very scarce in Bucharest. This is the reason why we look forward to the completion of SkyTower and Floreasca Office and are pleased to provide our clients and our employees an optimal business environment.“

The construction works for this mega-project are running at full power; today, the works have already reached the 12th floor, in parallel with the ongoing façade works. “Considering the exceptional architecture and the excellent location, we are confident that we will be able to lease the remaining available areas in SkyTower, securing the best conditions.“ stated Roland Gewessler, Managing Director of the Raiffeisen Property International.

Overall Concept: Complementary Office and Retail Areas

On the same location, Floreasca Office is built simultaneously providing on its seven floors 16,000 m² of leasable area. These office spaces will also be occupied by Raiffeisen Bank S.A.

In the immediate vicinity, Raiffeisen evolution constructs its retail project Promenada Shopping Center, a state-of-the-art retail and entertainment center that will provide suitable shopping conditions for both the residents and the professionals working in this area.

Features SkyTower
Height: 137 m / 37 floors
Gross floor space: 50.000 m2
Gross floor area: 1.150 m2
Underground garage: 518 parking spaces
Completion: at the end of 2012

External View FCC Building

FCC Building

  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Office building
  • 17,130 m² 
  • Completion: 2013
Außenansicht Expo 2000 Office Park

EXPO 2000 Office Park

  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Office Park with 4 buildings
  • Total 47,900 m² 
  • Completion: 2005-2017


RPHI Bulgaria receives top honours at the International Property Awards in London

Raiffeisen Property Holding International was recently awarded at the European Property Awards for their project Expo 2000 Office Park in Sofia, in a festive ceremony that took place on October 24th in London.

RPHI’s flagship project in Sofia was awarded Best Office Development and Best Office Architecture for its latest building Phase 4. To this date Building 4 is the only LEED PLATINUM certified building in Bulgaria, and the SEE region within the past two years.

Expo 2000 Office Park is now home to the best tenant mix in Sofia, which includes leading international companies from various industries. Elder tenants such as Ericsson, Microsoft, Raiffeisen Bank and BMW have grown together with the project, while new-comers Novartis, Oracle and Wolf Theiss have completed the mix whilst signing longest term leases (10 years). Notably, the Expo team have completed the most sophisticated office fit-out to date for international law firm Wolf Theiss. Having taken the last remaining space in building 4, they hired top interior designers Viarchitects and were awarded “Best Office Design” at the same ceremony in London.

The International Property Awards are on their 26th year and they are judged by an independent panel of over 80 industry experts. Judging focuses on design, quality, innovation, and most importantly - commitment to sustainability. Expo’s excellent green credentials (LEED Gold for Phase 3 and LEED Platinum for Phase 4) impressed the jury. The judging panel is chaired by Lord Caithness, Lord Best, The Earl of Liverpool, and Lord Thurso, members of the House of Lords in the UK Parliament.

Team of RPHI Bulgaria receives top honours at the International Property Awards in London
© Chris Sharp

SEE Real Estate Awards

The awards gala, held on April 19th at the Radisson BLU Hotel in Bucharest, brought together some of the top-performing firms and professionals operating in the SEE region. Chosen by members of Europa Property’s esteemed SEE Real Estate Awards Academy, this year’s winners were recognized for their continued market success and achievements in the SEE region.

The 13th annual SEE Real Estate Awards Gala & Forum is the only event of its kind covering the South Eastern European region.

Raiffeisen Property International Holding was awarded “Office Developer of the Year”, and further crowning a successful evening, RPHI’s Adina Welsh picked up the highly coveted “Professional of the Year”-award.

RPHI Bulgaria is proud to announce the completion of Building Phase 4

The event was celebrated on October 12th by the RPHI team, the tenants and all companies involved in the development: Strabag (the main contractor), Bavaria Air Engineering (site supervision), Hoffmann Janz / UMA (the architects) and many others.  The local team took advantage of the opportunity to welcome the new tenants signed up for the Phase 4 building: Novartis, Ericsson, Fox Channels, Bwin and Oracle.

The construction started in October 2015 and was completed ahead of schedule. The first occupiers, Fox Channels and Ericsson, have started operations as early as October 24th, 2017. The building was completed in line with the latest technical specifications for a premium office environment: it boasts cooled ceilings and chilled beam (the first  in Sofia), free-standing, auto-dimming LED lights, triple-glazed French windows, state of the art Schüco façade, BMS stoppers on the openable windows. It features two underground parking levels and extensive park-like green areas. The project is a letting success, having been 85% pre-let one year ahead of completion.

Congratulations to the development team and a warm welcome to the new tenants!

Topping out ceremony of its latest building – Phase IV

General contractor Strabag has delivered the new construction milestone 2 weeks ahead of schedule. The building will bring another 12,000 sqm GLA of office space to the Expo 2000 Office Park. Phase IV is scheduled for completion in July 2017. The first tenants are expected to move in in September 2017.

The building aims to obtain LEED Platinum certification. It will be the first building in Sofia to employ chilled ceiling technology and one of the first to have triple glazing façade. The façade shall display openable elements every grid, each having a stop valve to the HVAC system activated when opened. The building has been designed for minimizing running costs and eliminating redundant consumption.  With a net height of 3m and regular shape floor plates the building will offer tenants efficient lay outs and unique views from 10 corner offices on each floor. Ample parking possibilities are supplied by 2 levels of underground parking – adding another 277 garage places.

Ericsson Telecommunications Bulgaria is going to be a new tenant

Ericsson Telecommunications Bulgaria to lease 1,800 sqm, taking the entire second floor of the new building, with an option to expand up to 2,500 sqm GLA.  Phase IV is scheduled for completion in July 2017 – the first tenants are expected to move in in September 2017. The transaction confirms the growing trend on Sofia’s office market for early pre-lets, as vacancy levels have shrunk significantly in the past 2 years and the pipeline of new projects is rather thin.

The relocation to Phase IV is triggered by expansion needs, but also by Ericsson’s commitment to being an environmentally responsible company – Phase IV is targeting LEED platinum certification. A growing number of leading corporations have made ‘green policies’ part of their corporate culture and seek to lead their industries by example. In terms of real estate needs this translates into consistently shortlisting real estate premises with international ‘green’ certification.

Phase 3 was awarded "Green Building of the Year" distinction

We are proud to announce that on December 9th, 2015 the latest installment (Phase 3) of the Expo 2000 Office Park in Sofia was awarded the "Green Building of the Year" distinction.

The Building of the Year Awards are the mark of peer recognition for the real estate industry in Bulgaria. The prestigious competition has entered its 15th year and it is set up under the patronage of the Mayor of Sofia (Mrs Yordanka Fandakova) and the Minister for Regional Development (Mrs. Liliana Pavlova). The selection of participating buildings is evaluated by a jury of 24 prominent peers in the sectors of architecture, development, banking, and real estate consulting.

The prize was awarded to:

  • Bernd Steingruber and Adina Welsh on behalf of the investor – RPHI
  • Maya Yovchva (architect) of ProArch and
  • Johann Pölzl of Strabag (main contractor)

On February 18th 2016, Expo signed on Microsoft for the top floor of building Phase 3, thus achieving 100% occupancy.  Microsoft has previously been a tenant in Expo’s Phase 1, and prior to that in the Gogol building (both owned by RPHI). The company has decided to implement its latest office concept in our newest building and signed an eight year lease.  Phase 3 green credentials were a decisive factor in the office move - among them also the LEED Gold certification (Phase 3 is one of only two buildings in Sofia to receive this accolade). Microsoft is a frontrunner in the field of environment sustainability.

Construction of EXPO Phase IV has started

On September 20th we have opened the construction site for our fourth and largest building of the Expo 2000 Office Park. It will add 12,500 sqm of prime office space to our existing office stock. The building is scheduled for completion mid-2017.

We aim to offer a modern building employing the latest technologies for a prime office environment. With the completion of this final instalment we improve the overall connectivity of our buildings by linking the garages and adding access to one newly built main boulevard. We will relocate the on-ground tenant parking to our extended garage level (boasting one extra floor under Phase 4) thus leaving ample room for extending the green areas and offering more recreational space to our tenants. There will be an on-site bus stop and a cycling lane to the next metro station.

Already, the tenant interest is strong – the demand is generated both from the existing tenants of our office park as well as from new companies looking to upgrade their existing premises.

We are proud to announce that our building Phase III (completed in 12/2014 and hosting the HQ of Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria) has been awarded the LEED GOLD certificate August this year. We are fully committed to developing ‘Green’ and sustainable office buildings and aim for at least Gold level again for Phase IV.

Completion of EXPO Phase 3

The Bulgarian office of Raiffeisen Property Holding International is proud to announce the successful completion of the 4th office building in the Expo 2000 Office Park, which is already fully let. The latest addition of over 7,200 sqm GLA has been completed in November 2014, one month ahead of schedule.

Built by general contractor Strabag, the building employs innovative energy saving technology using underground water for cooling and heating; this saves 228 tons of CO2 per year, which would equal emissions of 20 trips by car around the globe. Furthermore it is one of the first buildings in Sofia to boast a live green façade.

As of January this year, it is home to the new headquarters of Raiffeisen Bank Bulgaria, who leased over 70% of the space. The bank already occupied 5,000 sqm in the second phase (completed in 2008) of the office complex and has used the opportunity to consolidate its main operation into a single location. The headquarters of the bank are the latest addition to an already excellent tenant mix, including tenants such as Microsoft, L’Oreal, Ericsson, BMW and Sitel. Expo 2000 continues to cement its position as one of the most attractive office locations in Sofia.

Topping-out ceremony of EXPO Phase 3

On February, 3rd 2014 the topping-out ceremony of “Expo Phase 3” in Sofia took place. Phase 3 is the fourth office building within this area and provides a gross floor area of 10.300 m² – Phases 0, 1 and 2 are fully let. In collaboration with the general contractor STRABAG and architect Maya Jovcheva the construction schedule was successfully kept.

Beside the modern architecture, Phase 3 has an outstanding energy saving design. An efficient building management system monitors and reduces power consumption. Special emphasis should be placed on using ground water for cooling the office building. The completion of Phase 3 is expected in the third quarter of 2014.

External View Rendering Allianz Campus

Allianz Campus

  • Vienna, Austria
  • Office building
  • 22,800 m²
  • Completion 2020

"Swiss Life Living + Working" acquires office property "Allianz Center" in Vienna-Penzing from Raiffeisen Property Holding International

The open-ended mutual property fund "Swiss Life REF (DE) European Real Estate Living + Working" has acquired the Vienna office property "Allianz Center" in a share deal. The seller is Raiffeisen Property Holding International GmbH (RPHI). The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

The office property at Linzer Strasse 225 was completed in 2020 and is thus the most modern property in the submarket in Vienna's 14th district "Penzing". It comprises eight floors with a modern interior and five elevators. Also included are a canteen, a training area and 206 car parking spaces. In addition, the property has been awarded the DGNB Gold (ÖGNI Gold) sustainability certificate. The tenant is Allianz Elementar Versicherungs-AG.

The property impresses with its flexible floor plans and ESG features, including a PV system. It has a good location and connection to Vienna's city center, which can be reached within 30 minutes. The quick connection to the A1 highway ("Westautobahn") makes the location very convenient for the large number of daily commuters to Vienna.

"Through the purchase of these modern and long-term leased office properties, we are expanding the presence of 'Living + Working' in Austria and thus strengthening the diversification of the fund portfolio. In this context, Vienna convinces with an attractive long-term economic development as well as with its low office space vacancy rate," says Dr. Christine Bernhofer, CEO of Swiss Life KVG and COO of Swiss Life Asset Managers in Germany.

Dr. Karl-Maria Pfeffer, Managing Director of RPHI says: "We are proud that we were able to attract Swiss Life Asset Managers, a very long-term oriented buyer for the property. This excellently located and sustainably constructed office property not only brings long-term cash flow from a company with a strong credit rating, but also meets the increasingly important sustainability criteria of institutional investors to their complete satisfaction."

RPHI completes Allianz Technology headquarters in Vienna

The office complex with 22,800 m2 of gross floor area was completed in late August and handed over to the tenant on 1st September. The six-storey building with parking garage (206 spaces) will serve as the new headquarters of Allianz Technology, which is centralising its locations, currently distributed across Vienna, in Linzerstrasse (in the 14th District).    

RPHI (Raiffeisen Property Holding International) is proud to report that, despite COVID-19, construction was delayed by only two months.

 “We are especially proud to have been able to meet our goal of completing the building by the summer of 2020, even in these turbulent times. In this case, this was also made possible by the outstanding and flexible cooperation with the general contractor Strabag, the architects (among many others), and of course Allianz”, says Karl-Maria Pfeffer, Managing Director of RPHI.

Another noteworthy aspect of this project is its environmentally friendly construction, which was rewarded with a generous grant from the Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism. The ÖGNI (Austrian sustainable building council) has also already awarded the office complex a gold pre-certificate for sustainability.

Camera construction site

RPHI holds topping out ceremony for new Allianz Technology headquarters on Linzerstrasse

The impressive shell construction at Linzerstrasse 225 was erected within the last twelve months. It has a gross floor area of 22,800m². To celebrate, representatives of project organiser and developer RPHI and general contractor STRABAG came together on 29 January for the topping out ceremony.

RPHI Managing Director Karl-Maria Pfeffer thanked the general contractor and planners for their excellent collaboration and made a point of highlighting the efficiency and productivity of the work crew.

Topping out ceremonies are held to honour the construction workers’ achievements and reward them for their hard work, and so the 87 workers were delighted to receive cash gifts from property developer RPHI. 83,300 working hours had already been invested in the project by the time the topping out ceremony was held.

The six-storey building with parking garage (206 spaces) will serve as the headquarters of Allianz Technology, which will be centralising its locations, currently distributed across Vienna, in Linzerstrasse.

The new headquarters is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2020.

Camera construction site

New Headquarter for Allianz Technology in the 14th district of Vienna

Construction work on the office complex in Linzerstrasse in Vienna’s 14th district began in January 2019. The six-storey building will serve as the headquarters of Allianz Technology, which is centralising its locations, previously distributed across Vienna, in Linzerstrasse.

The property’s “green” flair is already apparent before you enter the building, on the ground floor. Numerous trees provide shade and a pleasant, inviting atmosphere. There is also a 250 m² photovoltaic system on the top floor.

On the second floor are the canteen and the conference and training areas, some of which open up seamlessly into the green, open-air terraces. The “new office concept” is being put into practice from the third floor onwards. This entails open-plan offices with separate pods for phone calls and meetings, and designated break-out areas. The view over the rooftops of Vienna from the terrace of the coffee shop on the top floor is certainly breathtaking.

The parking garage with its 206 spaces is located on levels -1, 0 and 1.

Another noteworthy aspect of this project is its environmentally friendly construction, which was rewarded with a generous grant from the Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism. The ÖGNI (Austrian sustainable building council) has also already awarded the office complex a gold pre-certificate for sustainability.

The project is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2020.

External View Workstation Wien West

Workstation Wien West

  • Vienna, Austria
  • Office Building
  • 25,000 m²
  • Completion: 2002, sold

RPHI sells office property on Linzerstraße

The office property Workstation Vienna West in the 14th district, located on Linzerstraße, was sold on 1st of December. The project was sold for 34.4 million Euros to the Warburg – Henderson Kapitalanlagegesellschaft für Immobilien on behalf of the Warburg – Henderson Österreich Fonds Nr.2.

The two office buildings of the project, comprising a total of about 17.900 m² of office space, were built in 2002 and 2004. The anchor tenant is Allianz Insurance AG with a long-term rent commitment.

RPHI has further available property reserves at the attractive Linzerstraße location, with the option of constructing an additional 8.500 m2 (approx.) of gross floor area for further possible development.

During the transaction Moore Stephens Kroiss & Partner consulted RPHI in tax matters and Fiebinger Polak Leon & Partner Attorneys GmbH advised on legal matters.

1.300 m² office space successfully let

RPHI, the owner of Workstation Wien West,  is happy to announce the letting of around 1.300 m² office space to “Kuratorium für Psychosoziale Dienste” in Vienna.

With this lease building 1 is now rented out by 90%. Building 2 is long-term let to Top Versicherungsservice GmbH (100% owned subsidiary of Allianz Elementar Versicherungs-AG), which ensures a solid economical basis.

Außenansicht Space2Move in Wien


  • Vienna, Austria
  • Office- and commercial space
  • 69,300 m²
  • Completion: Building AB 2011, Building C 2015, sold

Space2Move sold to Union Invest

The ”space2move“ building complex, developed by RPHI, was sold on 30 June 2015 to Union Investment.

“We are glad that we were able to sell this very attractive property at a correspondingly attractive price”, says Dr. Karl-Maria Pfeffer, Managing Director of Raiffeisen Property International. ”With its existing tenant mix and long-term rental contracts with its main user, Raiffeisen, we are convinced that we have sold to Union Investment a modern and sustainable property.”

The building with a total floor area of 51,600 m², located in the emerging office district of Wien Nord, was awarded a LEED Gold certificate and is leased to several companies (including Kurier Mediaprint and RALT Raiffeisen Leasing GmbH) with an average rental contract period of 18 years. The infrastructure is further improved by the inclusion of a restaurant and a pharmacy.

Georg Fichtinger, Head of Investment Properties, Capital Markets CBRE Österreich, states: ”The building complex, designed for flexible office use, scores additional points for its excellent transportation links – the city centre can be reached both by public transport and by car in about 10 minutes. Inside the building, the flexible room layout and modern building services offer a suitable environment for every requirement.”

RPHI would like to give thanks for the successful collaboration with CBRE, Binder Grösswang Rechtsanwälte, and Moore Stephens.

Space2Move fully rented out

It did not take long for the new office building complex “space2move”, designed by the renowned architect's office Neumann & Partner, to be fully rented out. The KURIER moved into the last available 5,600 m² of the office space, which provides a total of 46,000 m² surface area. The online as well as the print business now have the same address.

During the short period of the tenant fit-out, RPHI was able to find adequate solutions to fit all needs of their different departments.

Helmut Brandstätter, chief editor of KURIER, is pleased that his employees were satisfied with the new location starting with the first day. The perfect connection to the city by underground and regional express railway just in front of the door, the bicycle ways for cyclers as well as the canteen “space2eat” are very well received.

Topping-out ceremony of Block C

On November, 19th 2013 the topping-out ceremony of block C of the office building space2move in Vienna’s 19th district took place (block A and B were completed in autumn 2011). At 3:00 p.m. Mr. Dvorcak (Strabag) welcomed all guests and thanked his employees, the designers and the owner for the excellent collaboration. He especially pointed out the efficiency and performance of the craftsmen. Also the successful coordination of the project by Ms. Schmittner (RPHI) was emphasized.

Mr. Pfeffer (RPHI) presented an overview of the ongoing works and announced the take-over of the office space by ZukunftPLUS in the midyear of 2015. After Mr. Adi Tiller (principal 19th district) had illustrated the advantages of the new office space for the city of Vienna, the typical topping-out saying was delivered by the youngest apprentice who traditionally smashed his emptied wineglass. Craftsmen, architects and the project manager were able to measure their manual skills at the common hammering of nails into a small wooden roof-structure.

Afterwards a big buffet with food and drinks served around 150 guests of which some celebrated past midnight.

Second construction phase has started

After the successful completion of the blocks A and B in fall 2011, the construction start of phase C took place in late summer 2012. A total of 36,000 m² of gross floor area, respectively about 21,500 m² of gross lettable area, divided into ground floor and six upper floors, will be built. The completion of phase C is scheduled for the end of 2014. The pre-letting runs far beyond expectations and we are confident that this property will be fully let by the time it is completed. For more information about our project "space2move" visit our website:

External View Tatracentrum


  • Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Office- and commercial space
  • 32,650 m²
  • Completion: 2001, sold


RPHI sells Tatracentrum in Bratislava to private foundation

The Tatracentrum developed by Raiffeisen Property Holding International (RPHI) was sold to a private foundation in late November. The building is located in the heart of Bratislava and has a gross floor area of around 33,000m². It was completed in 2001 and is now home to the headquarters of Tatrabanka and a shopping mall, which was fully renovated in 2018.

“We are delighted to have been able to sell this fully let property in a prime location at – in view of the current market situation – an attractive price”, commented Dr Karl-Maria Pfeffer, CEO of Raiffeisen Property International. “Finding an investor with a long-term strategic orientation was very important to us and is especially in the interests of our tenants.”

This transaction marks the end of a very successful financial year for RPHI.

Total redesign creates bright new shopping mall

The Tatracentrum opened back in 2001, right across from the presidential palace. The shopping mall is located on the two lower floors of the eight-storey building, which also houses office spaces and an underground car park.  Our long-term tenants, including Billa, dm drogeriemarkt, and various restaurants and cafés, all contribute to the shopping mall’s success. At present, 98.5% of the total area has been let.

Both floors of the mall were completely renovated in 2018. The innovative and modern designs proposed by the “Puzzlebox” architecture and design firm won over the jury in an architecture competition, thanks in particular to their use of natural materials such as wood and moss.

The direct and indirect lighting emphasises the curved slat design of the wooden panels and, in conjunction with the “living” moss walls, creates a pleasant atmosphere where visitors to the mall feel at ease. The design of the shop signs has also been standardised and contributes to the bright and friendly ambience.

Außenansicht NorthpointCenter

Northpoint Center

  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Office space
  • 7.600 m²
  • Completion:1998

North Point Center uses solar energy

Also an almost 20-year-old building has made great steps towards being labeled "green" and using renewable energy. North Point Center in Budapest, facing to the south installed a 17 kWh solar energy plant. Recently the office building has become fully let and the landlord RPHI is fully committed to towards maximum reinvestment for the tenants and the environment. All projects have been successfully certified or pre-certified since 2011 with green building certificates.

Residential space

External view of Anton, Vienna
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Apartment building (73 apartments)
  • 8,600 m²
  • Completion: 2018, sold: 2018


All apartments already sold before completion

As property developer, Raiffeisen Property Holding International GmbH (RPHI) is pleased to announce that the apartments have all been sold before completion. The apartments will be completed and the expected hand over date to their new owners is this December. A great Christmas present for all involved!

The residential building marks the first stage of the development scheme for the former slaughterhouse grounds; the allocation procedures for the remaining areas are currently underway. In the coming years, additional residential buildings, offices and small businesses located around the listed Marx Halle will make this a highly attractive neighbourhood and the value of the newly completed apartments will soar. Abundant green areas are already guaranteed thanks to the protected “Erdberger Stadtwildnis” situated on the north-western side of the property.

Sign up here for follow-up project notifications:

April 10th marked the topping-out ceremony for "ANTON"

The main contractor Strabag was joined by Raiffeisen Property Holding International GmbH (RPHI), as developer and contractor, and Raiffeisen Vorsorge Wohnung GmbH (RVW), as the broker and manager of the investment apartments, to celebrate the launch of this new flagship project. Along with notable members of the local council and the media, numerous highly satisfied buyers in equally high spirits came together at the construction site at Anton-Kuh-Weg 5 to celebrate the occasion.

Anton’s maximised balcony and terraced areas are not its only noteworthy feature: it is also an ecological flagship project, the first residential building in Austria to receive the ÖGNI platinum sustainability pre-certification. As such, it features energy-saving measures, such as triple insulation glazing, as a matter of course.The residential building marks the first stage of the development scheme for the former slaughterhouse grounds; the allocation procedures for the remaining areas are currently underway. In the coming years, additional residential buildings, offices and small businesses located around the listed Marx Halle will make this a highly attractive neighbourhood and the value of the newly completed apartments will soar. Abundant green areas are already guaranteed thanks to the protected “Erdberger Stadtwildnis” situated on the north-western side of the property.

There are only very few apartments left. The quality of this project could not be highlighted more clearly than by this outstanding result, which was achieved by the time the shell construction had been completed.

Groundbreaking ceremony for ANTON residential project

The ANTON groundbreaking ceremony marks the addition of another attractive residential project to Neu Marx – a vibrant development zone in the immediate vicinity of the city centre and a hotspot for the creative, media, biotechnology and start-up industries.

The project on Anton-Kuh-Weg was developed by Raiffeisen Property International GmbH (RPHI) and will include a total of 9 studios and 73 two to five-room apartments, all of which will stand out thanks to their distinctive open-plan design, floor-to-ceiling windows and balconies with a depth of up to 2.45 metres.

The project's sustainability features are equally outstanding: In March 2017, ANTON was the first residential project in Austria to receive the ÖGNI/DGNB platinum sustainability pre-certification – the highest possible rating.

“The platinum pre-certificate illustrates our high standards for residential projects: attractive architecture, prime locations and a future-oriented approach to construction that not only reduces construction costs but also facilitates the conservation of resources, thereby enabling cost-efficient operation for several generations”, stated architect DI Barbara Schmittner, project lead at RPHI.

The choice of location also plays a key role in the conception of the overall project. “Due to its industrial past and historical centre, Neu Marx offers a fascinating mixture. This location will continue to attract companies from the fields of research and technology as well as the creative scene. The attractive, high-quality housing created by the ANTON project perfectly complements the location”, said Dr. Karl-Maria Pfeffer, CEO at RPHI.

In future, over 15,000 people will live and work at this location, which will be further enriched by the addition of a new biology university in 2021. By then, the inhabitants of ANTON will have already moved in: The project is scheduled to be completed in late 2018.

Experience „ANTON“ (1030 Vienna) digitally

Inspecting an apartment before construction starts? Virtual reality (VR) goggles allow prospective buyers to explore their dream apartment beforehand so that they are better able to make a decision about their new home.

The virtual tour is really easy once you get used to how the program works. By targeting certain hot spots in the area, the sensor automatically detects where the user wishes to go next. They „move“ intuitively through the apartment and the building. This type of „living experience“ makes it much easier for many purchasers to come to a decision.

RPHI is setting a clear signal for future sustainable real estate development in a pioneering role with the ANTON project, paving the way for a holistic sustainability concept.

Please find visualizations, floor plans, a video about the environment and much more on our ANTON-website.

For a virtual tour with VR goggles please register at:

Project "Anton" awarded the pre-certification in PLATINUM by ÖGNI

In March 2017, our "Anton" project (completion in 2018) was the first residential building in Austria to be awarded the pre-certification in PLATINUM. A certificate in platinum awarded by ÖGNI (Austrian Society or Sustainable Real) is a well-respected recognition in the real estate industry. All new developments by the RPHI have been successfully certified or pre-certified since 2011.

In the Anton project, the RPHI is building, in an initial phase, 73 apartments (for both ownership and investment purposes) in the 3rd Vienna community district in the trendy section of Neu Marx. All apartments are planned according to the most modern standards. Ceiling-high windows create cozy living spaces flooded with light and provide an exceptional living environment. Over-sized balconies looking out over green space extend the living space outdoors. The spacious balconies on the top floor apartments come with spiral staircases that are connected to the roof terrace and can be equipped with an outdoor kitchen and (whirl)pool upon request.

The apartment complex has significant green space and a large playground. The adjacent ”Stadtwildnis” offers even more enjoyment for a restorative walk. The Prater is just a ten-minute bike ride away. The basement houses 82 storage units and 47 parking spaces that can be equipped with outlets for electrical hook-ups.

Interested parties receive the exclusive opportunity to preview the sales documents on your dream apartment prior to the official sales start date.

More information on ANTON, ÖGNI and DGNB:

Palais Esterhazy
© Adif spol. s r.o.

Esterhazy Palace

  • Bratislava, Slovakia
  • apartments 3.000 m²
  • office and retail 450 m²
  • 145 underground parking lots
  • completion planned for 2024

RPHI starts work on the reconstruction of the Esterházy Palace in the Old Town of Bratislava

The Esterházy Palace looks back on a turbulent past. Originally built in the mid-17th century on the outskirts of the Old Town of Bratislava, the building has since changed hands innumerable times and gone through countless attempts at reconstruction, resulting in visible deterioration in its structural integrity. The building complex was finally abandoned in 1989, and left to rot. The RPHI has now taken on the challenge of breathing new life into this valuable relic of city palace architecture. The project kicked off with a radical redesign, while of course complying with the strict regulations for the preservation of heritage-listed buildings. Some 3,000 m² of premium living space and 450 m² of office and commercial space are to be established here by 2024.

Particular attention has been paid to parking facilities, which are very limited in this area. The main problem is access to the Old Town, which is only possible with a special permit, if at all. “This of course presented a challenge to the uninterrupted progress of the construction work. However, thanks to a great deal of planning and sensitive finesse, the RPHI was finally able to persuade the responsible authorities to allow work to begin on excavating the tunnel”, says Karl-Maria Pfeffer, CEO of RPHI. This will run from Staromeska Street to the inner courtyard and, once the construction has been completed, will provide access to the four-storey underground car park with 145 parking spaces.

The tunnel breakthrough already started at the beginning of December and the tunnel is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

This is a milestone for the realisation of the heritage-listed Esterházy Palace restoration!  “GLÜCK AUF!” as they say in tunnelling – Good fortune and a safe return!

Tunnel Breakthrough
Außenansicht "Nest"


  • Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Apartment building (110 apartments)
  • 13.350 m² residential space, 4.370 m² commercial space
  • Completion: 2011, ongoing sales
Außenansicht Zodiak Omega, Sea Breeze

Zodiak Omega, Sea Breeze

  • Krim, Ukraine
  • Apartment building (28 apartments)
  • 4.350 m²
  • Completion: 2007


External view of Die Welle, Wien

Die Welle

  • Vienna, Austria
  • Office building
  • 12,100 m² 
  • Completion: 2008
Außenansicht Headquarter Raiffeisenbank Albanien, Tirana


  • Tirana, Albania
  • Office Building
  • approx. 12,000 m²
  • in planning stage
External view Headquarter Raiffeisenbank Kosovo

Headquarter Raiffeisenbank Kosovo

  • Pristina, Kosovo
  • Office building
  • 19,500 m² 
  • Completion: 2016
External view Headquarter Raiffeisenbank Belgrad

Headquarter Raiffeisenbank Serbia

  • Belgrade, Serbia
  • Office building
  • 17,500 m² 
  • Completion: 2012
Außenansicht Zodiak Omega, Sea Breeze

Mall Varna

  • Varna, Bulgaria
  • Shopping Mall
  • 65,500 m² 
  • Completion: 2008, sold

RPHI Bulgaria is pleased to announce the opening of the first Techmart electronic store in Varna

Operational since the end of April in its large format, the store occupies 2,400 sqm on the second floor and it offers over 7,000 articles of home appliances, electronics and computers.

This is their 4th large format store in Bulgaria. Their innovative retail approach and excellent product range has very quickly prompted them to become leaders on the Varna market. On the first 3 days of the opening they had 9,000 visitors each day and posted record sales for the country. The store is an excellent addition to the tenant mix of the mall.